Friday, November 13, 2009

Spoken Word Poetry Workshop

(from the Campus Calendar): By combining education, arts, and youth leadership, spoken word has become one of the most innovative literacy development tools over the past decade. Teens have been voting for spoken word programs with their feet by showing up to spoken word workshops, opens mics, showcases, and poetry slams around the country. Spoken word poetry is a visceral experience which competes with television, the internet, and video games for teen mind-share. Students participating in spoken word programs report improvement in their reading and writing skills, increased self-confidence, and a new sense of community among their peers and teachers. Educators report a clear rise in interest among students, a more youth-driven learning environment, and evidence of greater social and academic confidence among students. Benjamin Smith, Executive Director of Youth Speaks Nashville, and local youth poets will be at Belmont to conduct a convocation event (from 4-5:30 next Tuesday, November 17, in the Neely Dining Hall)which provides an overview of spoken word youth development programming, features performances by local youth poets, and engages attendees in an introductory spoken word writing workshop.
(PG Convo will be available for undergrads.)