Thursday, November 19, 2009

Order Your English Club T-Shirt by Friday

(submitted by English Club President Carly Escue): Whether or not you've managed to make an English Club meeting, we'd like for all English majors, minors, and speakers to get in on our "Let's Get Textual" shirt order! The shirt options are a colored T-shirt ($6), colored long sleeve T-shirt ($8), or a colored hooded sweatshirt ($14).

The Writing Center has agreed to serve as a payment depot for us. Here's what you need to do if you want a shirt.

1) Take the appropriate amount of money (cash or check made out to Carly Escue) to the writing center.
2) The wooden box full of empty envelopes is on top of the filing cabinet on the back wall. Put your money in an envelope, along with a piece of paper with the following information:

Your name, phone number, and email address
Type of shirt (t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, or sweatshirt)
Shirt color (go to the following site for color options:
Image color (white or black depending on the color shirt you pick)
Size (S-XL are the standard sizes; please include one extra dollar for every extra X)

3) Write your name on the outside of the envelope. Seal it. Put it in the box. Exit the writing center.

In order to get the prices I've listed above, our order needs to be in by Friday November 20. I'll be picking up the box at around 3:00pm that day. Oh yeah, also register to graduate by Friday (if that applies to you).

We need to have 24 shirts in order to place an order, so tell your friends! Also, what a great Christmas present for your mother!