Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grad Students Present in Chattanooga

Story by Mallory Matyk
Photos by Stephen McElroy

On October 16th and 17th, four English graduate students attended the Second Annual Graduate Student Conference on Literature, Rhetoric and Composition at UT-Chattanooga. Kyllikki Persson presented “Defending Rhetoric: Opening Academic Discourse through Classical Thought”; Stephen McElroy presented “The NFL on Regional Radio and National Television: A Comparative Linguistic Analysis”; Molly Barger presented on the Shakespeare panel with “Hal and the Redemption of a Prince”; and Mallory Matyk presented on the contemporary literature panel with “Chick Lit: Highbrow Literature or Perfectly Plucked Eyebrow Literature.”

The Belmont contingent attended various panels and also explored the city of Chattanooga, dining at local eateries and visiting the incomparable Tennessee Aquarium. On Friday evening, the students were treated to an engaging keynote speaker, Dr. Noel Polk of Mississippi State University, who displayed original Faulkner manuscripts of The Sound and the Fury, complete with notes from the author and editors. (With regards to Faulkner’s burgeoning stream-of-consciousness, one editor scribbled, “I don’t get this.” Further down the page, he added, “Same here.”) Overall, the trip was a success. The group is looking forward to submitting abstracts for the spring conference, and they encourage fellow graduate students to do the same. (For submitting abstracts or requesting information, email the conference administrators at