Friday, May 1, 2009

Humanities Symposium Writing Contest Deadline Extended

(submitted by Dr. Danielle Alexander) The deadline for submissions to the Belmont Humanities Symposium Writing Contest has been extended to May 14. Belmont students of any class level or major are invited to enter their poetry, fiction, or nonfiction work in the Humanities Symposium 2009: Nature and the Human Spirit writing competition. Winners will be chosen for all three categories, and winning entries will be featured in readings held in conjunction with the Symposium, which is scheduled for September 2009.
Length requirements:
Poems: no more than three individual poems (up to a maximum of five pages of poetry);
works of fiction: 3,500 words (or about 10 pages) maximum; or
works of nonfiction: 3,500 words (or about 10 pages) maximum.
All entries should include:
A cover sheet with the name of the writer and the title of the work(s), and the category (poetry, fiction, nonfiction) in which the work should be entered
A manuscript that does not contain the name of the writer, but which is typed (double-spaced) and whose pages are numbered
Entrants may enter in multiple categories, but may not submit more than one entry in any given category.
All entries should explore (discuss, evoke, celebrate, consider, meditate upon, enact) the Humanties Symposium 2009 theme: nature and the human spirit.
Please submit entries to Dr. Danielle Alexander, WHB 206A (in the bin on her office door or in her English Department mailbox).