Friday, May 15, 2009

Five Questions with Stephanie Reich

In the third of this series on our graduating seniors, we ask five questions of Stephanie Reich, an English Writing Award winner and (as you can see from the picture of her reading at Literacy Day) an avid English Club participant.

What were the most valuable experiences of your English major (and of course, why)?

My most valuable experience as an English major was Critical Reading and Writing. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the various types of literary criticisms, and felt comfortable experimenting with them in a "safe" environment (i.e. no judgment from upper classmen). I felt every assignment was relevant to my learning, and I think I learned more in that class than any other that semester. The class also reaffirmed my decision to change to an English Lit major as I found myself actually excited again to do homework.

Have your favorite writers changed since you’ve been here? Who are they now and why?

I don't think I can honestly answer this question. My favorite writers before becoming an English major were all I think I have rekindled my love of the short story and all who can master this art.

What post-graduation plans do you have?

I plan to not think about anything academic for two whole months as I finally have a "carefree" summer not filled with summer school classes. I will then throw myself back into the turbulent waters of higher education as I complete the 1 portion of the 4+1 program at Belmont pursuing my MAT. I will be student teaching during the day and taking grad classes at night. I hope to graduate in 2010 with my Masters and a license to kill....any negative preconceived notions about literature.....but really a license to teach high school English.

True or False:

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white


Any shout outs on your way out?

Shout out to Dr. John as I walk across the graduation stage (inside joke?).