Friday, June 26, 2009

New English Majors, Vol. 6

Three new English majors joined the ranks on Friday. Introducing....

Logan Halsey is from Hermitage and attended McGavock High School in Nashville. Logan is a good sport and was willing to change his name to Melanie for the purposes of Towering Traditions advising, in order to avoid any confusion.

Melanie Bond

Melanie "B," from Bowling Green, Kentucky, participated in The Academy Tutorial in Nashville. She's an English major because English (and especially Literature) relates to all fields of learning and engages all areas of life. Literature can be "expressive and beautiful as well as useful and timeless." Melanie likes reading almonst everything by C. S. Lewis and Charles Dickens. As you can see from her photo, Melanie B is blessed with a head full of curls, which she loves!

Melanie Meriney

Melanie "M" attended Mt. Lebanon High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In elementary school, she "was the kid who sat in the corner of the playground reading during recess." Melanie has always loved to read and write, and realized in high school that "teaching it could be pretty cool, too." Her favorite book of all time is The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters by Elisabeth Robinson. And while she didn't enjoy being force-fed Milton's Paradise Lost in high school, she has come to a grudging admiration of his poetry. Melanie is also a singer/songwriter, plays guitar, and hopes to sing professionally. (Welcome to Nash Vegas!) She loves sports and loves to play both ice hockey and field hockey.

And in response to this session's poll question, "Who is your favorite Romantic poet?", Melanie M chose Walt Whitman, while Melanie B went for John Keats.