Friday, June 19, 2009

New English Majors, Vol. 3

Friday brought us another pair of new English majors:

Cassie Hawkins

Cassie comes to Belmont from Mayodan, North Carolina, which she will tell you is north of Greensboro--but growing up she spent much of her time in Eden (North Carolina, that is). Cassie has always loved language, and wanted to be an English major because "there is so much power in well chosen words." She's a fan of British literature (particularly fiction).

Aaron Searcy

Aaron Searcy attended Jefferson County High School in Dandridge, Tennessee. He's an English major because he finds it the most interesting and engaging of the disciplines. Aaron is contemplating a double-major in Philosophy and is also interested in journalism. His favorite reading material has been Ayn Rand, Cormac McCarthy, and his childhood favorite, Roald Dahl.

This week's poll question, "Who is your favorite Shakespeare character?", drew these responses: Aaron likes the "tag team" of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, while Cassie prefers the sonnets to any of the plays!