Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Poetry Stand Event Friday!

(from Dr. Alexander): The Belmont Literary Journal is having a Valentine's Day publicity/sort-of-fund-raiser tomorrow in Beaman, writing and typing customized poems for all comers. The BLJ will be accepting donations (sort of a "tip jar" arrangement) for the poems. English students should drop by to say hello and order a poem--however, I should note that they may be drafted to help write poems if the demand is great! Just kidding. It is fun, though, and if anyone wants to help, you won't be turned away.

In any case, here's the more relevant thing: If everything goes well with the "tip jar" tomorrow that might bode well for future fund-raising use of the Poetry Stand. Whatever happens, the PS is available for any and all English students to make use of for whatever English-related purpose they might be able to devise, including fundraising. The PS lives in my office, just because there's nowhere else to store it, but it can be commandeered anytime. I'll show anyone wanting to use it how to break it down/set it up.